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8 Health is a global ventilator manufacturer and marketer of completely pneumatic oxygen-powered life support ventilation and CPAP systems and accessories for healthcare personnel. In various critical care settings, including hospital and EMS, trauma and ER, MRI, OR, ICU, and transport, our devices provide crucial ventilatory support to neonates, babies, pediatrics, children, and adults. As one of the most reputed movable ventilator machine manufacturers, we’re aiming to satisfy healthcare professionals’ demands so that they may safely serve the people who rely on them.

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As one of the top medical ventilator manufacturers in USA, we are always looking for innovative methods to make ventilation safer and more responsive for everyone. Years of proven experience in medical device design and manufacture, as well as research and clinical care in respiratory therapy, intensive care medicine, and emergency medical response, have been brought together by our team. The 8 Health ventilators provide critical care patient support for newborns, children, and adults. All eight Health ventilators are intended to give volume or pressure management in the face of severe breathing demands and varying pulmonary dynamics, making them crucial weapons in the battle against COVID19.

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Deal with urgent cases more effectively by joining hands with one of the most reliable ventilator manufacturers in USA. Help patients maintain adequate oxygen levels using state-of-the-art ventilators. 8 Health, being one of the leading hospital supply companies, offers a variety of ventilators under one roof. Our ventilators can be customized to your demands and infrastructure thanks to a wide choice of system integration and mounting options.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a scarcity of ventilators and a scarcity of educated healthcare personnel to manage the enormous number of ventilators that will be required when needed. As one of the best medical ventilator companies, our ventilator solves both of these problems by allowing healthcare practitioners to safely monitor and alter ventilator settings from anywhere via their internet portal. Stocking low-quality medical supplies and equipment is never a good idea. Don’t sell low-quality goods that your clients or customers can hold you accountable for. Take on the role of a distributor who adheres to the greatest standards. With access to our high-quality collection, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a leader in your field.