Can Mobile CT Scanners Be Good for Your Medical Facility?

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Can Mobile CT Scanners Be Good for Your Medical Facility?

  • Jan ,4 2023
  • BY 8Health

Whether you are a healthcare worker or a medical professional in search of quality CT scanners for your organization, remember, a ct scanner is never an impulse buy.

In the last few decades, it has been considered one of the top 5 medical developments. These are one of those few devices that have revolutionized how a human body is studied and results formed. Coming expensive, they need optimized and controlled environments. Always go for such devices that come with the ability to perform full body scans and offer high-quality imagery, and purchase wholesale only from one of the most reputable medical device manufacturers!

A mobile CT scanner is preferred and often chosen by many these days. The benefits of one for private imaging centers, smaller clinics, and hospitals are many, especially for those that want to keep their patients local and create an additional revenue stream.

Given below is a list of advantages that mobile CT scanners offer. Check them out and see whether they can be the perfect solution for your medical establishment.

The Mobility

A mobile CT scanner is exactly how it sounds like. It’s a computed tomography system on wheels. Generally, the scanner is housed inside a specially designed trailer that looks like a big 18-wheeler. This trailer lets the ct scan machine move from one place to another with relative ease. Once it arrives at the site, you just need to unpack and plug it in. When you need to move it to the next destination, all you have to do is get the trained technicians to pack it down and send it on its way.

The Lower up-front Costs

Now you might wonder, ‘’if the scanner moves around like this then the image quality would surely suffer’’. It’s true that CT scanners need expert staff, particular quality control, and maintenance to make sure of accurate and quality imaging, and although there is no major difference in imaging quality between fixed and mobile systems, the mobile scanners typically need higher operating costs to maintain their image quality, but, don’t let this to force you to form an opinion. The convenience of a mobile city scan machine combined with its lower capital expenditures can be a greater advantage over the operating costs.

Offers More Convenience to Patients

Quality of care equals availability and proximity of treatment when it’s about patients. Thus, you can say that one of the most noteworthy benefits of mobile CT scanners is their ability to keep the patients local. Particularly in rural areas, with a mobile system present, people would need to drive just a few kilometers to receive their scans. Keeping patients local is important to the financial well-being of the clinic or hospital as well as to the health of the community as well.

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