Your Guide to Purchasing the Ideal PPE Gown

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Your Guide to Purchasing the Ideal PPE Gown

  • Sep ,22 2020
  • BY 8Health

Due to the increased exposure to the potential COVID 19 affected patients, the frontline workers which also includes the medical and health care personnel have the potential for exposure to biological fluids and the airborne virus that are capable of transmitting diseases caused by the viruses.

Hence, in this case, protective clothing like isolation gowns, coveralls, and surgical gowns shields health care workers and patients from harmful microorganisms transferred by blood, oral fluids, etc. and should be worn when a threat of exposure exists. There a variety of protective products available at the online shelves of the isolation gowns manufacturer, so here are factors and details to help guide your selections.

Gown types


Isolation gowns – These do not provide continuous whole-body protection (e.g., possible openings in the back, coverage to the mid-calf only).

Coveralls – These typically provide 360-degree protection because they are designed to cover the whole body, including back and lower legs and sometimes head and feet as well.

Surgical gowns – Surgical gowns do not provide continuous whole-body protection since it has possible openings in the back, coverage to the mid-calf only, etc.

Gown selection features


Given below are some of the primary factors that’ll help you in selecting a PPE gown:


Isolation gowns are generally the preferred PPE clothing. Choose isolation gowns for instance you anticipate any kind of physical contamination. Gowns should fit comfortably over the body, cover the torso, and have long sleeves that fit snuggly around the wrists.


Gowns are made primarily from a cotton blend or a spun synthetic material. Each of these materials is available in varying degrees of fluid resistance. If fluid penetration is a concern, then choose a fluid resistance gown.


Choose clean or sterile gowns, depending on the particular risk factors involved. Use clean gowns generally for isolation purposes, while sterile gowns are only necessary when performing invasive procedures, such as inserting a central line. In this case, a sterile gown would protect both the patient and the health care worker. It is important to understand the critical, primary protection zones of a gown when making a selection for a particular patient care scenario.

If you wish to invest in bulk PPE gown for your retail business store/private label business store/medical center, etc. then do get in touch with one of the renowned gown & syringe manufacturers in the USA. Check out the vast assemblage of FDA approved protective equipment that the supplier has in store. Communicate your wholesale needs to the help team by stating the wholesale requirements for the investment.

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