What Makes Nitrile Gloves the Best for Medical Professionals?

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What Makes Nitrile Gloves the Best for Medical Professionals?

  • Nov ,15 2021
  • BY 8health

When it comes to disposable gloves, there are so many options available in the market today and among them, nitrile is the most popular. Latex has been the choice of medical professionals for more than a decade but that is now about to change with the recent shift towards new materials which are up to 95% safer and stronger and the most promising of these is nitrile.

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What makes nitrile gloves different than others? Well, nitrile has a number of advantages to offer to you, with a few given below. Check them out.

Chemical and puncture resistance

If you are someone who needs to worry about chemical contamination and pathogens in your profession then nitrile gloves is the best choice. Their superior puncture resistance has made them demand attention from the medical professionals. One of the greatest benefits of nitrile is that once it gets punctured, the material tears, making it very obvious that the gloves should be changed soon.

Highly affordable and long lasting

Since you will be going through many pairs of gloves every month, price becomes a major concern for you. When nitrile was first introduced in the market, their price was higher than the latex ones but thankfully now the cost is so low that they have become the top choice. In fact, not only can you buy them at a cheaper price but they can also last longer. This durability of nitrile also helps you in using them more than once if required. Their long lasting nature ensures that they are still safe to use, even if you purchase them in bulk!

Great for those suffering from latex allergies

The most serious disadvantage of latex gloves are the latex allergies. Being a synthetic rubber and having no latex at all, nitrile is an ideal alternative if you worry about your clients having a latex allergy or if you yourself are allergic to latex. In comparison to latex, nitrile gloves have a comfortable and snug fit making it pleasant and easy to work with them for a long period of time. Even when your gloves get wet, due to featuring a slip-resistant finish, nitrile offers you a firm grip. This also makes them a very good choice for the dental practitioners.


Nitrile is a waterproof substance and so you can work without having to worry about your gloves getting weakened and soaked. In order to make your hands waterproof any time it is required, you can just wear nitrile gloves under your work gloves.

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