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What Is The Work Of A Ventilator?

  • Sep ,10 2021
  • BY 8health

The cause behind the pandemic everywhere, Coronavirus, causes a respiratory infection called Covid-19. Here as the virus enters the body, it makes it hard to breathe. Reports have shown that about 6% of people get critically affected by this disease, with about 1 in 4 needing a ventilator to breathe. A top medical ventilator manufacturer brings highly functional ventilators.

What is this ventilator?

In simple words, it is a machine that helps you to breathe if you are unable to breathe on your own. While people refer to it as a “respirator” or a breathing machine, your doctor might term it as a mechanical ventilator. Respirators are actually a mask which medical workers put on their face while the ventilator is a bedside machine that has tubes that connect it to your airways.

Why a ventilator is needed?

When the lungs inhale and exhale air normally, they take in oxygen which is needed by the cells to survive and expel carbon dioxide. Covid-19 affects the airways so badly that it can drown the lungs in fluids. A ventilator helps pump oxygen into the body. Through a tube, the air flows and goes into the mouth, down the windpipe. The patient can breathe out or the ventilator can help in that as well. A ventilator can be set to take a certain number of breaths for a person per minute. The doctor can also decide to set the ventilator to get into action whenever it’s needed. In this case, the machine will be blowing air into the lungs automatically if the patient has not taken a breath in a set period of time. The breathing tube becomes a bit uncomfortable though, as it is connected, it becomes tough to talk or eat. It becomes difficult for some people to eat normally. In such a condition, the essential nutrients are given to the patient through IV which is normally inserted with a needle into one of the veins.

How long a ventilator is required?

No, a ventilator doesn’t cure Covid-19 or other illnesses that cause breathing problems but it definitely helps a lot to survive. It helps a patient to get better and serves him well until the time his lungs start functioning normally again. When the doctor thinks that the patient is well enough, they test the breathing. Here the ventilator stays connected but set so that patient can try to breathe on his own. As soon as the doctor sees the patient breathing normally, the tubes get removed and the ventilator is turned off.

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