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What Are The Different Parts Of A Stethoscope?

  • Aug ,24 2021
  • BY 8health

If someone asks you to picture a doctor, what immediately comes to your mind? A man standing in glasses, with a white coat on, with a stethoscope hung around his neck, isn’t it? The stethoscope is one of the most crucial and recognizable medical devices needed by a medical professional. But what’s in it?

Having a diaphragm, chest piece, stem, bell, tubing, headset, ear tubes, and ear tips, the following list offers you valuable information on each of these parts of a stethoscope.

The chest piece

Responsible for conducting sound, the chest piece is the head of a stethoscope. With the advancement in technology now, some are even made in such a way that through the chest piece sounds can be heard even through bandages and clothing. Depending on its model, a stethoscope can have one-sided and two-sided chest pieces. The chest pieces are normally made of metal but acrylic head stethoscopes are also there nowadays which works terrific in blocking out ambient noise.

The diaphragm

The circular end of a chest piece is referred to as the diaphragm. Often it is noticed that on two-sided chest pieces, the diaphragm is the larger of the two sides. Its larger size allows the user the listen to the bigger areas of a patient’s body. Compared to the bell, the diaphragm is created to pick sounds with higher frequencies. Today, the diaphragm of the modern telescope is designed in such a way as to get rid of chills against the patient’s skin and to have better hypoallergenic properties, therefore increasing safety and comfort for the patients tested. If you are a member of a health care facility reading this blog wondering where you can get the best medical devices for your organization, connect with one of the notable medical device manufacturers in the USA now.

The bell

Like the diaphragm, it is another circular end of the chest piece. The bell is the smaller end on the two-sided chest pieces. Because of its smaller diameter, it listens to lower frequency sounds. They come with advanced features today which promise great comfort to patients when they are being examined. The smaller size of the bell makes it apt for skinnier and pediatric patients.

The stem

The part which connects the chest piece to the stethoscope tubing is the stem. It also allows the wearer to choose between the bell and the diaphragm on a stethoscope with two-sided chest pieces. It is normally made up of steel or metal.

The tubing

The long tube of the stethoscope has the duty of transferring and relaying the sounds or frequencies that are picked up by the chest piece. It helps in directing the sounds to the ear tubes so that the wearer can hear them. The modern-day stethoscope tubing is able to withstand alcohol and skin oils which make them long-lasting.

The headset, ear tubes, and ear tips

Consisting of two ear tubes, ear tips, and tension springs, the headset is that part of the stethoscope which is often seen hanging from a medical professional’s neck. The ear tubes help in directing the sound to the left and right paths to provide the user with a more accurate and clearer hearing experience while the ear tips are the part that actually goes inside the ear. They are placed on the ear tube ends to improve user safety as well as provide an audible seal.

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