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Wholesale medical isolation gowns are a type of protective garment that is used in healthcare settings to protect medical professionals and patients from potential transmission of infectious agents. Check the collection at 8Health

Check the Wholesale Medical Isolation Gowns Available at 8Health.

Blue Plastic Anti-Virus Gown

In order to provide protection and durability for use in non-hazardous environments, the Blue Plastic Anti-Virus Gown is made of 100% high-quality polyester.

Green Plastic Disposable Gown

These non-surgical isolation gowns are designed to offer temporary protective clothing for individuals in a variety of settings. These Are Constructed of Medical Grade PVC.

Pink Color Disposable Isolation Gown

The pink PPE gown offers full-body cleanliness and safety. It is constructed from sturdy material for reliable protection. The breathable material also aids in preventing the buildup of high temperatures.

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