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The Two Most Popular Types Of Gloves Used In Medical Field

  • Jan ,22 2021
  • BY 8Health

Regardless of what your responsibilities are as an expert in the medical field, it is likely that you are needed to wear the proper protective gear. Part of this kit includes disposable gloves that can guard the hands and put off skin contact with blood borne pathogens, harsh chemicals, and other hazardous substances. The gloves should also have a high puncture resistance as most medical experts work with surgical needles and tools, and scalpels.

There are two kinds of medical gloves wholesale USA, surgical gloves and exam gloves. Each glove is supposed to serve particular tasks whilst shielding the skin and putting off cross-contamination. Disposable medical gloves are available in vinyl, latex, and nitrile materials. Any gloves worn by health experts must be free of powder, coated, textured, and sterile for additional protection. Nitrile tends to be the most preferred glove material for those working in the healthcare industry.

Surgical gloves


Surgical gloves are worn by surgeons and other health professionals that have straight contact with sharp tools, infections, blood, and other harmful substances and objects that could result in extreme infection or illness. For those who should wear surgical gloves, it’s vital that they are of high quality. Lots of surgeons favour nitrile gloves due to their puncture resistance and extreme durability.

Exam gloves


Healthcare experts working as caregivers are needed to defend themselves and others from cross examination in the course of procedures and exams. They are excellent for use in unhygienic situations and can be disposed of post every use. Medical exam gloves don’t have to be made of the thickest material or highest quality. They can be bought in nitrile, vinyl, or latex with a width level that fits the requirements of the workers in the need of exam gloves.

Specs and info for nitrile, vinyl, and latex gloves

Nitrile gloves


1. Higher level of durability and protection

2. Puncture and chemical resistant

3. Allergy-free

4. Latex-free

5. Protein-free

Vinyl gloves


1. Sensitive to touch

2. Not as durable

3. Latex-free

4. Comfortable and soft

5. Made from PVC

6. High quality yet cost effective

Latex gloves


1. Can cause skin irritation and allergies

2. Moderate protection

3. Sensitivity to touch

4. Great fit

5. Flexible

6. Powder-free or powdered

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