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The Different Types Of Syringes And Their Uses

  • Sep ,24 2021
  • BY 8health

A pump consisting of a snugly fit piston within a plastic cylinder or a calibrated glass called a barrel is a syringe. In order to help direct the flow of medication, the syringes are made equipped with a nozzle, hypodermic needle or tubing. The plunger in it can be pushed and pulled outside of the tube allowing the syringe to expel or draw in the liquid through an orifice at the front end of the tube. Syringes withdraw various kinds of body fluids mainly blood from the veins and are also used to inject drugs into the body. Earlier they were made of glass or metal and needed sterilization and cleaning before being used but with the change in times and keeping in mind the health of the person, disposable and plastic syringes are used to administer medications.

Syringes are greatly used for measuring and drawing liquids, injecting drugs as previously mentioned, applying compounds like lubricants or glue, and for drawing and measuring liquids. If you are a medical professional reading this blog wondering how to get effective and fine quality syringes for your medical organization, you must reach out to only the most reliable and well-known syringe manufacturers.

A variety of syringes are available nowadays for various purposes like fluid extraction, medication injection, wound irrigation, etc. You should select the one based on your needs. Some common types are:

Venom Syringe

The syringes which are specially made to extract venom from the wound without puncturing the wound is a venom syringe. These syringes develop a vacuum that sucks out the venom from the wound.

Insulin syringe

One of the most used syringes today is the insulin syringe. They are inexpensive and are for single use. They usually come with a U-100 marking on them which refers to the concentration of 100 units of insulin per 1 ml and they often incorporate a fine needle.

Multi-shot needle syringe

These kinds of syringes are constructed in such a way so that they can be refilled after each injection from a built-in reservoir to give several dosages using this same syringe. They are rarely used due to a risk of contamination.

Tuberculin syringe

These syringes can hold up to 1 ml of fluid and are small in size. They are largely used for intradermal or subcutaneous injection of medicine and are mainly functional when performing tuberculosis tests called PPD.

Oral syringe

The syringes which are used as a measuring instrument for measuring the dosage of medicines appropriately and accurately are oral syringes. They are often used in case of small children so as to deliver the drug directly into the mouth.

Dental syringe

In order to administer the anesthetic solution, these kinds of syringes are used by dentists. It is also used to supply compressed air, water to the oral cavity in order to clean the debris away from the area.

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