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The Classification Of Surgical Instruments

  • Sep ,17 2021
  • BY 8health

The specially designed tools which help the health care professionals to carry out particular actions during an operation are the surgical instruments. Most of the instruments constructed since the early 19th C are created from durable stainless steel. Many surgical instruments are made available by the surgical instruments manufacturers that are useful for almost any specialization in medicine. There are precision instruments used in ophthalmology, microsurgery, and otology. Most surgical instruments can be categorized into 4 basic types.

Occluding and clamping surgical instruments

Occluding and clamping are used in many surgical methods for compressing hollow organs or blood vessels in order to stop their contents from leaking. The word ‘occlude’ means to shut or close. Hence these kinds of instruments are also greatly used to control bleeding. They are found to be straight, angled, or curved and usually have a variety of inner jaw patterns. Mosquito forceps and hemostats are some well-known instances of these types of instruments.

Cutting and dissecting surgical instruments

Surgeons usually need to cut and dissect tissue to explore the irregular growths and to remove the damaged and dangerous tissue. The instruments which consist of sharp tips or edges to cut through tissue, skin, and sature material are the cutting and the dissecting instruments. These cutting and dissecting surgical instruments have double or single razor-sharp blades or edges. OR and nurses personnel need to be very careful in order to avoid injuries and they also regularly need to check these instruments before using, as to whether they need replacement or re-sharpening. An iris scissor is a good example here.

Holding and grasping surgical instruments

As their name suggests, these instruments are used to hold and grasp blood vessels or tissues that may be in the way during a surgical procedure. It is important that the medical assistants ensure that these instruments are working fine and that their locking mechanisms are properly lubricated for easy closing and opening, especially after cleaning and reprocessing. A common example of this type of instrument is forceps.

Retracting and exposing surgical instruments

These surgical instruments are commonly used to retract or hold back tissues and organs so that the surgeon has easy access to the operative area. They are highly used to separate the edges of a surgical incision and also help spread open the ribs, skin and other tissue. It is usually said that the self retracting and exposing instruments are self-retaining, in other words, they stay open on their own. The other manual styles need to be held open by the hands. The Volkman retractor is quite a popular example in this section.

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