5 Types of Medical Beds That Are Extremely Popular Worldwide

Different types of medical beds are used in medical establishments. Based on the condition of the patients and the type of situations they are in, various types of medical beds are used in a hospital. It can be hard to come to a decision if you are investing in them for the first time. To understand better, take a look at the list below which talks about the 5 popular kinds and their functions:

Electrical Medical Beds

Nowadays, electrical medical beds offered by eminent wholesale medical bed manufacturers are highly in demand. They offer the best level of comfort, convenience, and support for the patients. As every aspect of the bed’s functioning is motorized, its daily operation needs little to no effort from patients and caregivers. Functions like lowering and raising the bed and adjusting the bed’s leg and backrest can all happen at the touch of a button. These beds come with a wired remote control that is quite easy to use.

Semi-electrical Medical Beds

If the patient using the medical bed doesn’t have the ability to use a manual hospital bed and you really don’t have the money for electrical medical beds then you can consider semi-electrical medical beds. They offer comfort and support to the patients at a reasonable price. Though the height of the bed has to be adjusted manually, the back and leg area adjustment is electric.

Manual Medical Beds

If you are running on a really tight budget but need fully functional beds then manual medical beds are a good option. While these beds come at a reasonable rate, you need to be sure that the patients are physically fit enough to use them. In order to adjust them to the desired positions, these beds need to be manually pushed. One of the top medical bed manufacturers in USA offers a mammoth inventory of eye-gripping, functional manual medical beds!

Specialty Medical Beds

The upscale medical beds with cool features are specialty medical beds. They display staff-embedded controls, advanced positioning options, plastic railings, and quiet operation. Though you would have to pay more for these beds, you will get value for money.

Adjustable Medical Beds

The adjustable medical beds are available in a broad variety of options. These beds also come in different sizes. If you want to add a touch of beauty to the rooms other than just focusing on functionality, then adjustable medical beds are an amazing choice.

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