Latex V/S Vinyl V/S Nitrile Gloves: What should you Choose

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Latex V/S Vinyl V/S Nitrile Gloves: What should you Choose

  • Dec ,27 2022
  • BY 8Health

Not every disposable protective glove type provides the same level of protection. For example, transparent disposable vinyl gloves are very different from latex and nitrile gloves.

If you are thinking of grabbing wholesale gloves for your medical organization but are confused about which one to opt for, then a suggestion would be to take your decision based on their characteristics and benefits.

Latex Gloves

The reliable, go-to protective gloves of the medical industry are latex gloves. These gloves are crafted out of rubber and fit comfortably like a second skin. The reason why some go for alternatives is because of the latex allergies that take place from latex gloves. If allergy isn’t your concern, then latex has a greater advantage with dexterity and comfort over nitrile gloves. Other than these, latex gloves are biodegradable. They are very sturdy and don’t get torn easily. Since they are lightly powdered, they are easier to put on. These gloves are cost-efficient and work well for high-risk scenes involving infectious material. Latex gloves, in addition, can also be worn for an extended period of time. A well-recognized medical device manufacturing company comes with a massive collection of the best latex gloves for medical use!

Vinyl Gloves

Best for the food industry and situations where protection and high levels of durability are less of a priority is the vinyl gloves. They are commonly used in low infections and non-hazardous environments. These gloves are constructed out of PVC, a petroleum-based film. It’s true that they don’t last for a long time but then they are less expensive as well, in comparison to latex and nitrile. However, the major minus points of vinyl gloves are that they can get torn easily when stretched and have a negative impact on the environment, otherwise, they are lightly powdered so that they can be easily put on, and are best for use with non-hazardous materials, comes with anti-static properties, are good for short-term, low-risk activities, and have a looser fit.

Nitrile Gloves

If latex allergies are a concern, then nitrile gloves that are made of synthetic rubber are the perfect option. These gloves first became popular as a great latex alternative in the 1990s. Also referred to as medical grade gloves, when it comes to puncture resistance, nitrile gloves remain unbeatable. The attributes that are slowly making these gloves superior among all are— they are available in bio-degradable styles, come with a long lifespan, are just perfect for high-risk situations that involve corrosive and hazardous chemicals, offer a great fit, ideal for most medical environments, and are latex free. One of the most eminent USA-based nitrile gloves wholesale suppliers comes with an enormous collection of top-quality nitrile gloves!

Now that you came to know the key differences between the three as well, it will be more convenient for you to pick the ones for your medical setting!

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