Isolation Gowns and Surgical gowns: Where Lies the Difference?

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Isolation Gowns and Surgical gowns: Where Lies the Difference?

  • Jan ,25 2023
  • BY 8Health

The personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the wearer from infectious diseases and other hazardous materials in the healthcare industry is known as the medical gown. Protective gowns play a crucial role in patient care as well as in medical professional safety.

What is the Difference Between Isolation Gowns and Surgical Gowns?

For many years now, isolation gowns have been used in the medical field. With the emergence of Ebola and Covid-19, isolation gown manufacturers saw an increasing demand for these gowns. However, don’t confuse them with medical surgical gowns. Although they look similar, they aren’t identical. If you get hold of the wrong one, it would expose you to infections. So, make sure you know the difference between the two if you are thinking about purchasing any of these gowns.

Isolation gowns

The major difference between isolation gowns and surgical gowns is the vital zones of testing and protection. The back of a surgical gown won’t really act as a protective barrier. The isolation gowns not only offer protection for the entire back but they hold a barrier performance of at least level 1.

Mostly in medical scenarios where the risk of infectious transmission or contamination is medium to high and when there is a requirement for greater crucial zones of protection, isolation gowns can be found. These gowns are regulated by the FDA.

Every area of an isolation gown is considered a critical zone of protection, other than the hems, cuffs, and bindings. These gowns must meet the highest possible standards for liquid barrier protection at their given level. The seams of a ppe isolation gown should also have the same liquid barrier protection. The fabric shouldn’t cover more of the body than is actually needed for a specific procedure.

Surgical Gowns

A surgical gown is FDA regulated and is classified as a Class II medical device. It means they are needed to have a 510(k) premarket notification. These medical products are crafted for medical people to wear during different types of surgical procedures and surgery. These gowns mainly focus on protecting the patients and the wearer from the transmission of body fluids, harmful micro-organisms, and dangerous particulate matter.

All surgical gowns are crafted with crucial zones. These are the areas where direct contact with infectious substances, blood, and bodily fluids has the highest chance of occurring. The crucial zones range from the top of the shoulders down to your knees and from the wrist to just above the elbow with surgical gowns.

The surgical gowns are suggested for use at any risk level, from 1 to 4. These are specifically labeled with a tag as surgical gowns.

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