Isolation Gown: A Reliable Friend of the Frontline Caregivers

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Isolation Gown: A Reliable Friend of the Frontline Caregivers

  • Oct ,20 2021
  • BY 8health

The purpose of an isolation gown is to help protect your staff from infectious droplets and disease, solids and fluid penetration and to stop the transfer of micro-organisms to the vulnerable residents. The disposable isolation gowns bulk are one part of an overall infection control strategy. A few of the many terms here that have been referred to the medical gowns also include procedural gowns, operating room gowns.

There are mainly 2 main categories intended for the medical or isolation gowns for healthcare purposes.

Surgical isolation gowns

Intended to be worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures to protect both themselves and the patients from the transfer of the body fluids, particulate matter and microorganisms is a surgical gown.

Non surgical isolation gowns

Non surgical isolation gowns are one of the best medical devices that are meant to protect the wearer from the transfer of body fluids and microorganisms in minimal or low risk patient isolation situations. They are not worn during invasive procedures, surgical procedures or when there is a medium to high risk of contamination.

How to choose an isolation gown?

The material

• SMS material

This one is a 3 layered tri-laminated material. The acronym here stands for sunbound, meltblown, spunbound. Spunbound polypropylene makes a good inner / outer layer as it durable, strong yet breathable fabric. Spunbounds have antistatic properties and are flame retardant. They can be used for increased gamma ray and ultraviolet protection. Meltblown polypropylene on the other hand has weak properties due to the micro fibers. But these fibers also give more surface area. Spunbounds and Meltblown together create a product which is breathable, comfortable, resistant to tears and punctures and lightweight. Based on the above options, the isolation gowns are made. A suggestion would be to go for SMS material one.

• PP + PE material

This the most basic type of material. PP here stands for polypropylene which is a thermoplastic. It is strong and can usually bear high temperatures. The polypropylene is then coated with PE, Polyethelene. It is a thermoplastic very similar to that of polypropylene. The PE coating comes with an extra barrier for chemical resistance.

The purpose

The preferred PPE clothing is generally isolation gowns. If you anticipate arm contamination then select isolation gowns. The gowns should fit you comfortably over the body, covering your torso and should have long sleeves fitting you snugly around the wrists. If you are a medical professional reading this blog wondering how to become a medical equipment distributor then wait no more but get in touch with a renowned medical device manufacturer now!

Risk factors

Depending on the particular risk factors involved, select sterile or clean gowns. For isolation purposes, make sure you use a clean gown while sterile gowns are only required when performing invasive procedures like inserting a central line. In such a case, a sterile gown would protect both the health care worker and the patient.

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