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How Ventilator Helps When Breathing Becomes Hard

  • Jul ,29 2022
  • BY 8Health

Effective life-saving treatment for people who find it hard to breathe on their own is a ventilator, a breathing machine. With the pandemic still continuing to affect people, this machine has helped millions to date.

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How does a ventilator function?

A human body needs oxygen to work. The nose and mouth are just the ways of receiving that, as important body parts may shut down without oxygen, and death may occur as a result. Usually, what happens is that oxygen is picked up by the blood in the lungs and then it is carried to all the tissues of the body, and this includes to those in the heart and brain as well. When an individual feels major respiratory issues or lung failure like what is seen in extreme Covid-19 cases, the blood fails to get enough fresh oxygen and as a result, slowly, all the major organs like the heart, brain, and kidneys begin to fail. Before anything extreme like a death happens, the ventilator helps in breathing as the machine pushes oxygen into the lungs of the person.

The doctor makes use of a sedative and numbs the throat of the patient before mechanical ventilation. An expert performs the intubation where a breathing tube is inserted down the throat and into the lungs via the nose. This breathing tube is then connected to the ventilator which is more than often placed right beside the patient’s bed. Removing carbon dioxide, the ventilator blows oxygen and air into the lungs.

What you can expect when you are on a ventilator

During the ventilator treatment, patients are hardly aware of anything as the healthcare professional gives pain medicine as well as sedatives to keep the patient relaxed and comfortable, as much as possible. The sedatives keep the patients drowsy all the time. At times, the medical experts also take the help of medicines to temporarily paralyze some muscles and nerves. This allows the patients to be calm and lets the ventilator do its work.

As the ventilator is being used via the mouth, the patient can’t talk. While some patients use whiteboards, pen, and paper, others nod and make hand gestures to communicate. Some patients are too weak to communicate anything. Of course, a patient breathing with the help of a ventilator, can’t eat and drink normally like others. With the help of a feeding tube, connected to the patient’s stomach or nose, nutrition is provided to them.

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