How to Choose Top-Notch Nitrile Gloves: 3 Crucial Points to Remember

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How to Choose Top-Notch Nitrile Gloves: 3 Crucial Points to Remember

  • Jan ,10 2023
  • BY 8Health

With so many options available these days, it can be a bit confusing to choose the best gloves for your workplace, however, if you are in search of puncture-resistant, robust gloves that can protect you against different hazardous chemicals then nitrile gloves are the best choice. Most nitrile glove manufacturers make them out of synthetic rubber. They can either be reusable thicker films or disposable thinner films. The thicker gloves are best suitable if you need to work with chemicals. Not only in labs but nitrile gloves can be used in different professions, including beauty, food handling, vet care, healthcare, etc. What makes them extra special is the fact that they are a great alternative to latex gloves, a top-notch solution for people with latex allergies.

Do you need some help in choosing the best nitrile gloves for your job? In terms of permeation, penetration, and degradation performance, here are 3 things that you will need to remember when going for the best nitrile gloves.

The Degradation Performance

Though a glove is safe when used directly from the box, however, if it’s subjected to degradation performance over time, it will cause some issues. In order to know that the nitrile gloves you are purchasing are the best, make sure that they pass the EN374-4:2013 standard. The reason is, when the nitrile gloves come into contact with the chemicals, they act like a sponge, absorbing liquids and holding them against your skin. This can degrade the gloves. Remember, gloves that are not made out of the right quality by the nitrile gloves suppliers can lead to a change in the physical characteristics of the gloves, slowly over time, and also put safety at risk. If you work with specific chemicals in a lab then make sure to consult the glove manufacturer before buying.

The Permeation Performance

Based on the level of protection you need and the actual chemical that you will handle, you will have to look at the permeation test result under the EN16523-1:2015 standard. This test checks how much of the chemical has permeated the gloves’ barrier after a period of time. The longer the normalized breakthrough time, the greater the performance level will be, hence offering better protection against the chemical.

The Penetration Performance

Finally, ensure that the nitrile gloves form a good barrier so that no microorganisms or liquids can pass through the gloves. The best nitrile gloves would pass the water and air leaks test under EN ISO 374-2:2014 standard. The nitrile gloves that have passed both these tests mean that the microbes won’t be able to pass through them.

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