How A Ventilator Machine Helps During Covid-19 Pandemic

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How A Ventilator Machine Helps During Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Oct ,18 2021
  • BY 8health

In such times of Covid-19, news come every now and then that a lot of people had to be put on ventilators to save their lives. The ventilator manufacturer nowadays brings these machines equipped with all the latest features. Not every patient wants to go on a ventilator though it offers a ray of hope. There are potential complications and benefits of going on a ventilator. Read on.

What does a ventilator machine do?

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that a ventilator basically helps patients to breathe when it becomes difficult for them to breathe on their own. It is a kind of a life support system. The ventilator’s tube is inserted through the mouth down into the windpipe. The tube’s end blows oxygen into the lungs which in turn allows carbon dioxide and other waste to be exhaled. Air pressure is provided by the ventilator to keep the lungs open and the tube further makes it easier to remove the mucus that collects in the lungs.

How does it feel to be on a ventilator?

The ventilator’s tube can feel uncomfortable but it’s not really painful. In order to tolerate the discomfort, most people need sedating medicine. Some patients even require restraints to keep them from dislodging the tube. Medications might be given to prevent movement to critically ill people and this makes it easier for the ventilator to give enough oxygen. Being on a ventilator is something like being in an intensive care unit. Though when on a ventilator you can neither eat nor drink, still tube feeding can be done where artificial nutrition is given through a small tube in your nose. You cannot talk being on a ventilator but you can definitely
communicate by writing notes.

How long it’s required for people to be on a ventilator?

There are 3 things which determine how long a patient needs to be on a ventilator.

  • The patient’s age or health before they fall ill

For patients over 65 who need emergency ventilators, about 2 out of 3 survive to leave the hospital. The older people suffering from chronic conditions tend to have more disabilities after ventilator use and even lower rates of long term survival.

  • The reason to need a ventilator

While sometimes the ventilator is used for a few days to weeks, in case of lung injury or serious pneumonia, in others such as surgeries they are used for a few hours to a few days.

  • How long it’s needed

The longer a ventilator is needed the higher is the chance of long term complications such as loss of independence, weakness, anxiety / depression and long term dependence on the ventilator. For the people with health problems or over the age of 70, the chance of long term complications is higher.

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