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Guide To The Best Variants Of Home Thermometers For Personal Use

  • Jun ,24 2021
  • BY 8health

Technology has made huge strides in the world of healthcare and offered us several advanced thermometer options to choose from. The good old mercury glass thermometer is still in use but the latest innovation has made way for more demands and the rise of digital thermometers.

To help business owners choose the best thermometer for their store, we have compiled a list of some of the best thermometers available in the USA at the catalog of home thermometer manufacturers along with information about key features that you should look for while making the investment.

Mercury glass thermometers

This is one of the most preferred types of thermometers, however, the mercury glass thermometer is now considered outdated. These thermometers are used for measuring temperatures orally, rectally, or under the arm. Honestly, these thermometers are difficult to read and these release mercury which is toxic and easily breakable too.

Digital thermometers

Modern electronic thermometers are used extensively today since they do not present any of the disadvantages that a mercury glass thermometer does. With digital displays and a strong body, these are easy to read, safe, and user-friendly.

Infrared thermometers

These types of thermometers use infrared technology to produce heat on the surface. These are best for medical purposes as they generate results very quickly. You also get ear and forehead variants of infrared thermometers with easy-to-read display screens.

Basal thermometers

Basal thermometers are specifically used to gauge slight temperature changes in a woman’s body, which is essential for indicating whether the ovulation has taken place. They are placed in the rectum or under the tongue and are very sensitive thermometers, although very rarely used at home.

Features to look for in thermometers


Convenience is one of the primary factors that you need to look for in a thermometer. Take into consideration the fact that you are choosing one for a senior citizen, who might be suffering from impaired vision or shaky hands. Therefore select that are easy to handle and clear to read.


An essential factor while choosing a thermometer is its ability to provide accurate readings. You should avoid risks when it comes to dealing with body temperature and the potentially serious consequences it may have. Choose one that is scientifically tested and assures accurate results.


The traditional mercury glass thermometers are known to be hazardous and hard to read. The thermometer you choose should be sturdy, safe to use, and ideally come in a plastic case so you can keep it securely when not in use.

It’s time to put your thermometer investment worries to rest. One of the best thermometers and wholesale mask manufacturers is offering premium variants of such medical devices that are available for bulk rates. Therefore reach out to the help team communicating your bulk needs at the earliest.

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