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Guide For Choosing The Right Medical Med For Your Facility

  • Feb ,25 2021
  • BY 8Health

Whilst the expression “hospital bed” might refer to the bed itself, the expression “bed” is also used to explain the room available in a healthcare facility, as the size to accommodate the number of patients inside the facility is measured in terms of available “beds”.

How to choose a medical bed?

There are a couple of basic criteria to be considered when selecting a medical bed from any medical bed manufacturer: the unit or facility in which the bed will be mounted, and the kind of patient who will be confined to bed.

Medical beds can be used for the following units or facilities

Nursing homes

Intensive care units

Care facilities like retirement homes


When selecting a medical bed, it is vital to look at the kind of patient the bed will have to accommodate

Children needing a pediatric bed

Pregnant lady

Overweight individual needing a bariatric bed

Elderly folks or individuals with reduced mobility needing a geriatric bed

Choice available for a hospital bed

There are numerous choices available for a hospital bed. These can be associated with the comfort of the patient and the caregivers, and ease of safety, transport, etc. Depending on the purpose of why the patient is confined to bed, you will have to check the availability of the choices beneath.

Patient comfort

Many elements are vital to accommodate patient comfort and positioning. These can include, for instance

The height of the bed: a super-low bed can, for instance, make it simpler for the patient to move around

A leg rest

Reclining and tilting choices

The number of sections

Ergonomics for the caregiver

The comfort of the caregiver is also significant and ergonomics can be enhanced with choices like

Integrated storage room

An integrated weighing scale

A height-adjustable bed that can be modified electrically instead of manually

A backrest that can be adapted electrically instead of manually

Ease of transport

The bed can provide many choices for transporting patients with no trouble between different hospital units


Pedals handy from either side of the bed to deactivate and activate the brakes

On casters

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