Going for Nitrile Gloves: 5 Best Benefits

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Going for Nitrile Gloves: 5 Best Benefits

  • Dec ,15 2022
  • BY 8Health

You will find ample options in the market if you are looking for disposable gloves and out of these, the best is undoubtedly the nitrile gloves. They can be used in different industries, right from healthcare to food service. Are you thinking ‘’is that all?’’ No!

Are you a medical professional searching for top-quality nitrile gloves for your organization? Hurry and reach out to one of the most eminent nitrile gloves wholesale suppliers today!

There are plenty of benefits of using these gloves over others like latex or vinyl ones! Check out the points covered below:

The Ultimate Comfort

The main advantage of nitrile gloves is their 100% latex-free construction and comfortable fit. They can be smoothly worn for a great amount of time. However, some people can experience allergic reactions after wearing nitrile gloves. The most heard symptom is allergic contact dermatitis which is generally caused by allergenic additives like sulfur-based accelerants or glove powder. Though these symptoms are less dangerous and much milder, one can prevent them by going for accelerator-free and powder-free nitrile gloves.

Long-lasting and Pathogen Protection

Though nitrile isn’t as flexible as natural rubber, nitrile gloves are 3 to 5 times more puncture resistant than latex. They let you wear them for a longer period of time without being uncomfortable on your skin. This quality also protects the hands from exposure to bloodborne pathogens thus making them the no.1 choice for healthcare or medical organization where they are often called surgical or exam gloves.

Available in Different Colors

The common color for nitrile gloves is blue but these days, you will find them in different colors like purple, orange, black, white, green, and more. Remember, a change in color just makes them look beautiful, it has got nothing to do with the function of the gloves. There are many organizations that assign one color each to the departments or tasks. For an instance, in a medical establishment, green can be for specific surgeries, blue can be for general applications, and black can be for non-healthcare duties.

Comes in Different Cuff Lengths

You can easily find nitrile gloves in different cuff lengths suitable for different uses. The standard short-cuff ones are reserved for general use and most applications and are often more chosen in the medical field. The long-cuffed models offer pathogen protection from the fingertips to the forearms in case of any situation with a high risk of blood projection or for long-term surgical uses.

Great Water Resistance

Nitrile gloves come with great water resistance so you can work without worrying about your gloves getting soaked and weakening. To make your hands waterproof any time it’s required, you can easily wear nitrile gloves under your work gloves.

One of the most famed nitrile gloves manufacturers offers a large collection of high-quality, super-effective, and affordable nitrile gloves in bulk!

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