Few Things To Know Before Investing In Isolating Gowns For Your Business

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Few Things To Know Before Investing In Isolating Gowns For Your Business

  • May ,21 2021
  • BY 8Health

As the COVID-19 outbreak has spread rapidly all over the world, the use of isolation gowns has continued to increase not only in the USA but in other countries too. If you are planning to invest in isolation gowns to expand your PPE kit market, then it is a great idea.

Isolation gowns present a profitable opportunity and the need for such gowns now is greater than ever. So, wait no more and read on the blog below for more details. You can find premium gowns at the store of isolation gowns manufacturer online.

What is the purpose of the isolation gown?

First, you have to determine who will be wearing the gown? In what setting will they be working? Will the frontline medical workers wear the gown or the researchers/scientists, etc.? The answers to these questions determine what type of isolation gowns you need.

What is the material of the gown?

Disposable isolation gowns are made from polyethylene or polypropylene. Whereas reusable isolation gowns are made from cotton or synthetic materials like polyester or a poly-cotton blend material. Ideally, synthetic materials generally do a better job blocking fluids, giving them an edge over cotton when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

What is the risk level of the environment?

The risk level of the environment and the type of exposure that the workers will be in will determine what types of isolation gowns they will need. For example, in a low-risk environment like a blood draw, the medical professional mostly will generally need an AAMI, Level 2 gown.

What is the difference between isolation gown levels?

When it comes to personal protective apparel, like isolation gowns, these must conform to a set of standards and undergo a specific set of tests to determine the “liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities.

What type of testing is needed for healthcare textile?

Manufacturers must use the following tests to determine a material or garment’s level of protection: Impact Penetration, Hydrostatic Pressure, and Viral Penetration Test.

Contact one of the popular medical suppliers in USA if you want to purchase for your business. Check out the wholesale catalog of customizable gowns online and look for the MOQ of the products. Drop a mail stating the bulk needs to the help team for the same.

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