Essential Features And Qualities Of 3 Mask Types

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Essential Features And Qualities Of 3 Mask Types

  • Jul ,20 2021
  • BY 8health

Living in the Covid era has made masks a necessary part of our lives. Whenever you step outside, it is mandatory that you wear a proper protective mask (or double mask) to prevent catching the virus and reduce transmission risks. If you are a healthcare professional of a medical institution, learn how to become a medical equipment distributor by connecting with a reputed medical equipment supplier.

1) 3ply masks

3ply masks (or, 3-layered masks) are made to cover the wearer’s nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe comfortably. A premium quality, well-fitting 3ply mask with an adjustable wire nose piece and elastic ear loops will ensure a secure and comfortable fit and a reliable 3-layer protection against the contagious virus.

2) N95 masks

N95 masks have been popular since the early stages of the pandemic in 2020. These masks provide a commendable tight fit due to their elastic headbands and an adjustable metal seal over the nose, which keeps the mask close to your skin. The filter is 95% of small particles. N95s have been approved as medical-grade masks after being certified. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association has declared N95s to be effective protectors against airborne pathogens.

N95s are a crucial part of the personal protective equipment of health care workers engaged in the treatment of patients with Covid-19. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that N95s be reserved for health care workers only and not for the general public.

3) KN95 masks

KN95 masks feature a tent-like shape that creates a little pocket of air between your nose and the fabric, which makes them appealing to many people. They feel easier to breathe through and are less obstructive. The general public can benefit from wearing KN95 masks that are usually more protective than basic surgical masks and cloth face masks made of cotton, nylon, or other non-medical fabric.

No matter what the mask type is, you need to ensure that you wear a mask that keeps you safe and well-protected so you can venture outside confidently. As a medical care professional, advice for you is to quickly get in touch with one of the trusted and acknowledged hospital equipment suppliers. Such a medical manufacturing unit can deliver to your medical body efficient and protective face masks of the best quality.

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