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Dental Chair: Its Role And Parts

  • Sep ,3 2021
  • BY 8health

A dental chair is one of the main important devices one is likely to find in a dental care unit. It is designed with the intention to support the body of a patient when the dentist performs a dental procedure on them. The dental chair runs on electricity and comes with a micromotor, water line, compressed air and is withdrawable as per the requirements of the dentist during a procedure. This particular equipment comes with a seat where the dentist sits while working on their patients. Hurry and connect with a renowned dental chair manufacturer and convey the wholesale needs that you want to purchase. If you would like to have your own custom dental chair, then all you need to do is to get in touch with them. These chairs are offered at a reasonable price too.

Each and every part of a dental chair is created for a specific purpose. In the list given below, certain key parts of a dental chair and its functions are talked about.

The air-water syringe

It is a dental device that supplies a focussed stream of water, compressed air, or a combination of both of them. A dental air-water syringe is frequently used to clean a tooth or its surface during dental procedures. It is one of the only dental devices that are used on almost every patient for every kind of procedure by the dentist. The two basic functions of this device are irrigating and drying.

The spittoon bowl

This is a kind of a container where the patients spit out liquids and particles that have accumulated in their mouth into a bowl type of spittoon device during a dental procedure. It is often attached to a water pipe which works in pushing the contents in it towards the drain to flush them out and keep the bowl clean. While many dentists prefer to already have the saliva in the mouth of the patient to be suctioned off by a saliva injector, instances are still found where they have been asked to expectorate in the spittoon bowl.

The dental operator lights

These operator lights provide ample illumination needed for performing dental procedures correctly by the dentist. It is usually kept 30-50 inches away from the mouth of the patient. It has controls that let the dentist regulate the intensity as per the requirement.

The X-ray viewer

It is used for radiograph viewing in dentistry. The dentists then use these images for their examination and analysis.

The disposable glass holder

On the holders, disposable glasses or cups are often found. During the dental procedures, these cups/glasses are used by the patients to have water and gargle. Then the water is spitting out into the spittoon bowl.

The foot motor controller

Foot motor controller is used for the delivery of power in order to operate the dental chair and is operated by a pedal. The electrical foot control dental chair possesses the same operating controls which a manual one has.

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