Are You Afraid of Needles? This Can Have An Impact On Your Health

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Are You Afraid of Needles? This Can Have An Impact On Your Health

  • Nov ,29 2021
  • BY 8health

Nobody enjoys being pricked by a needle. Needle sticks are something that most individuals would want to avoid, whether for a blood test, vaccine, or blood donation.

Nonetheless, based only on standard immunization and testing schedules, the average healthy individual should expect at least 165 needle pokes throughout their lifetime. Have you been hospitalized? This might add dozens or even hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, the number of needle sticks from syringe manufacturers encountered by patients with diabetes, HIV, and other conditions is in the “don’t ask” level.

This may be more of an irritation than a significant problem for many people. However, if you have a great dislike to needles or the sight of blood, having a vaccine or any other needle poke is a major problem. If this describes you, you may have trypanophobia.

What are the signs and symptoms of this phobia?

People who have trypanophobia and are considering a needle poke may have:

1. Insomnia in the days or weeks leading up to a needle poke.
2. Passing out
3. Palpitations
4. Panic episodes, nausea, or excessive sweating
5. Anxiety or fright

How does your fear of needles affect you?

This anxiety can have an impact on your:

Longevity: Skipping standard medical treatment might lead to unnecessary pain and death. A malignant breast lump, for example, that might have been spotted during regular checkups may go unreported until it’s too late when it’s no longer treatable.

Health: To prevent needle sticks, skipping suggested testing and treatments might result in missed diagnosis, inadequately managed medical problems, and undertreatment. A recent example is avoiding a COVID-19 immunization, which can have significant or even fatal repercussions. Furthermore, drug marketers may use people’s phobia of needles in their advertising, or they may minimize the fact that a prescription requires an injection.

Quality of life: It’s terrible to spend weeks anticipating a doctor’s appointment.

What can you do to overcome your phobia of needles?

1. If you’ve previously fainted or felt queasy after a needle poke, lie down before getting one.
2. Relax the muscle that will be injected as well. Some vaccinations, such as those that protect against tetanus or COVID-19, are administered via the muscle. The discomfort of these injections can be reduced by relaxing the muscle.
3. Learn how to unwind. Try deep breathing or other relaxing techniques before having the needle inserted.

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