All About the Basic Role and High-Tech Parts of A Dental Chair That Were Less-Known to You

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All About the Basic Role and High-Tech Parts of A Dental Chair That Were Less-Known to You

  • Jun ,20 2022
  • BY 8Health

Need to bulk order dental chairs for your dental clinic? Then, it’s necessary that you procure high-end dental chairs that are smoothly functional to ensure comfort and hygiene of your patients. Connect with a respected dental chair manufacturer to access high-quality dental chairs with advanced features that are fully operational at competitive pricing.

What is a dental chair?

Seen dental chairs in a dentist’s chamber but don’t know what’s their purpose? Well, a dental chair is a specifically constructed medical device that’s designed to offer support to a patient during execution of a dental procedure. These electrically operating chairs usually consist of a micromotor, water line and compressed air and are adjustable as per the dentist’s need while conducting a dental process.

Vital components of a dental chair

Every part of a dental chair is carefully designed to meet a particular purpose. Let’s take a look at some of the essential components and their uses.

Dental operator lights – These lights included in a reclining dental chair provide maximum illumination needed by the dentist to perform dental procedures precisely and conveniently. This light which is positioned at 30 or 50 inches from the mouth of the patient is equipped with controls so that the dentist can regulate its intensity as required.

Spraying air-water syringe – A dental chair is geared with this device to dispense compressed air, water or both in an alternate sequence during dental treatment. This feature is mainly used to clean the patient’s tooth surface as a dental procedure is implemented.

X-ray viewer – This component finds its usage in radiography viewing in the field of dentistry. Images captured by this device are thoroughly examined and analyzed by dentists to substantiate their observation about a patient’s dental condition.

Spittoon bowl – This is the container for patients to spit during their dental appointment. This bowl is connected with a water pipe that pushes its contents in the direction of the drain for flushing purpose and for keeping the bowl clean.

Foot control motor – This motor is put to work for delivering power to operate the multi-functional dental equipment and is controlled by a pedal. What needs to be noted is that an electrically run foot control dental chair has similar operating controls as that of a manually operated one.

Disposable glass holder – Dental chairs usually comprise of disposable cups or glasses that are placed on holders for patients to take in water and gurgle during a dental procedure. The patient can spit these out into the spittoon bowl later.

Get in touch with the best among surgical instruments manufacturers that supplies technologically efficient dental chairs to avail top-grade dental chairs that promise patients in need of oral checkup a comfortable and luxurious experience.

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