All About N95 and KN95 Masks – Exploring Their Utility and Functionality

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All About N95 and KN95 Masks – Exploring Their Utility and Functionality

  • Oct ,10 2022
  • BY 8Health

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, masks have become a usual part of our lives. And even if infections rates have decreased gradually, people are advised to wear masks while going outdoors. Here, we shall take a look at two categories of masks, known as the N95 and KN95 masks which are commonly worn by healthcare workers and first responders. Connect with a reputed medical equipment manufacturer to source your stock of wholesale kn95 mask, n95 masks and standard 3ply masks at reasonable bulk charges.

How are N95 Masks?

These respirators or face coverings are particularly used in the medical field and the construction industry. These soft and breathable masks differ from usual surgical masks due to the fact that their edges are crafted in a way that these fit to your face snugly.

How N95 Masks Look Like?

Usually round in shape with a protrusion at the top for covering your nose properly, these masks are made with tough and super-flexible polypropylene materials that aren’t woven. These masks feature elastic strings that go around your head to hold them in place. At times, these disposable masks include a valve to facilitate easier inhalation and exhalation but this isn’t their compulsory characteristic.

About the Workability of N95 Masks

Anti-pollution N95 masks are most effective to filter out particles that are bigger or smaller than 0.3 microns. As the covid virus has been found to consist of a diameter of 0.1 micron, these 5-layered masks are especially functional in shielding against their entry.

Which are KN95 Masks?

Similar to N95 masks, 5ply KN95 masks are approved for usage in medical facilities in USA as both these masks are useful in filtering out about 95 percent of tiny particles.

How do KN95 Masks Look Like?

At first sight, KN95 masks resemble N95 masks but the former exhibits a seam running down the centre which makes it feasible to fold them. Also, these masks comprise of an ear loop for securing your facial coverage.

About the Workability of KN95 Masks

Though the functioning of KN95 masks is same as that of N95 masks and it acts as a filter against minute particles of 0.3 microns diameter in the air, at one point the former were considered to be slightly less efficient in terms of guaranteeing protection against the coronavirus.

The Minor Difference Between These Two High-Tech Masks

As mentioned earlier, both N95 and KN95 masks are designed using 5 layers of synthetic materials for your optimum protection from atmospheric particles, particularly for security against covid contraction. The trivial differences between the two include a slight change in looks and their separate regulating bodies. While The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is responsible for controlling N95 masks, the Chinese government acts as the regulating body of KN95 masks.

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