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Advantages Of Using Disposable Nitrile Gloves

  • Aug ,10 2021
  • BY 8health

Nitrile gloves protect the wearer’s hands best. The main purpose of nitrile gloves is to act as a barrier to stop the possible transmission of diseases between medical professionals and their patients. In their production by the nitrile gloves manufacturers in the USA, synthetic rubber is used as a material which means they are free from latex proteins. Nitrile gloves are best used by doctors nowadays and there are reasons good enough behind this.

More puncture resistant

In comparison to the latex gloves, the nitrile ones are 3 times more puncture-resistant than the latex gloves. This makes them be a health care professional’s ideal preference when there is a risk of environmental contaminants and exposure to blood-borne pathogens. One can see the usage of these gloves in hospitals, labs, dental care units and are also used in the automotive market where a thicker version of the nitrile gloves is used.

Great durability

Another benefit of nitrile gloves is that if you compare them with some other disposable gloves, they have a longer shelf life which in other words means they will be less prone to getting damaged. They often come with micro-textured finishes which provide a non-slip finish to the gloves thus making them apt for both dry and wet use.

Good flexibility too

As synthetic rubber is the main component used in its production, this promises not just durability and strength but increases the flexibility of the gloves as well, making them the best when sensitivity and dexterity are concerned. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about whether they will fit or not, as they mold to the shape of your hands, thus making work easy and comfy. They also ensure less hand fatigue. This kind of glove has a lower level of friction as well which means you can wear them for longer hours than other gloves.

Has a chlorinated finish

The nitrile gloves are powder-free and this further adds to its quality as it reduces the risk of allergens and dealing with messy powder. These gloves also have a chlorinated finish applied to them which makes it easy to put them on and off even when your hands are wet. This feature makes nitrile gloves very beneficial in food environments when frequent glove change is needed. Some nitrile gloves are double-chlorinated from inside, giving a very smooth finish to them which allows the user to don them even when their hands are wet.

More resistant to chemicals

They also have superior chemical resistance if you compare them with other disposable gloves. This is because of the fact that nitrile rubber is better resistant to acids and oil, chemicals against natural rubber.

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